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About Katharine Jeffcoat, RDN, LD

Hello! I'm a Registered Dietitian with over 22 years of experience in the field of pediatric nutrition. I worked 8 years at Emanuel Children’s hospital in Portland Oregon as a clinical and outpatient pediatric dietitian, part of the feeding clinic team and eating disorder day hospital. I spent 9 years in the pediatric allergy and prevention industry with Nutricia and Nestle. With a goal of returning to my passion of working with families and pediatric nutrition, I opened my private practice Portland Pediatric & Family Nutrition in the fall of 2015 and have an office in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington and work virtually across the country. The majority of my work is in helping families raise mindful eaters and preventing picky eating. I'm a mom of two girls, who are 6 and 11 and I have experienced my own food challenges with feeding my children. I know first hand that the tips I share in this list of tips will help children accept new foods and turn picky eating around.