Ready To FINALLY End Picky Eating and Start Enjoying Family Meals? 

It’s time to stop being a short order cook and remove the stress from mealtime.

Are you always negotiating meals and bribing your child to eat something on their plate?

Does your child want to eat the same thing every meal?  

Do you avoid going out to eat and dread traveling because of the limited choices for your child? 

Do you worry your child isn't getting the nutrients he/she needs? 

Do you find yourself turning into a short-order cook?  

If you answered YES! to any of these questions and you’re ready to improve your child’s relationship with food and your feeding experience at mealtime, join my group training:

Unpick Your Picky Eater

A 6-week Training Program That Will Transform Your Family's Mealtime

I'm Ready to Unpick My Picky Eater!  

As a Mom of two children who I experienced picky eating challenges with, I know how frustrating it can be. Feeding children can be hard, I’ve been there too! 

Imagine a family dinner without any crying or complaining, and everyone is eating the same meal! It can really be possible when you learn how to Unpick Your Picky Eater!


During This 6 -week Training, You Will:

  • Gain confidence in your feeding strategy
  • Make trying new foods fun for your child
  • Get ideas on how to boost your child's appetite  
  • Increase positive food exposure to help your child accept new foods
  • Learn how to improve your child's overall nutrition
  • Say goodbye to being a short-order cook  
  • Enjoy family meals with less stress and real quality time together  

Suitable for parents with children 2-10 year old

This Training is now open for your participation!

Your Trainer: Katharine Jeffcoat, RDN, LD

I'm a Registered Dietitian with over 26 years of experience in the field of pediatric nutrition. I worked 8 years at Emanuel Children’s hospital in Portland Oregon as a clinical and outpatient pediatric dietitian, part of the feeding clinic team, and eating disorder day hospital. I spent 9 years in the pediatric allergy and prevention industry with Nutricia and Nestle. With a goal of returning to my passion for working with families and pediatric nutrition, I opened my private practice NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition in the fall of 2015 and have an office in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and work virtually across the country. I  received training in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) approach to feeding, developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. I uses this approach along with Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in my work with families with pediatric feeding challenges. The majority of my work is in helping families raise mindful eaters and preventing and resolving picky eating. I'm a mom of two girls, who are 9 and 14 and I have experienced my own food challenges with feeding my children. I know first hand that the philosophies I share in this training work to help children accept new foods and turn picky eating around.  

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What People Are Saying: 

" I can't even believe how different our life is since we first met you and we are so so grateful to have had the chance to work with you on "A's" eating. I think about the future now and am truly not worried about how A will navigate his "picky eating" as he grows up. That used to be something that would keep me awake at night. You've made a huge difference for us. - Laura, Mom of 8 year old 

"Another big win for the family-style dinner here! My picky eater has eaten raw pepper and grapes - all without the pressure of 'take one bite' - it is so much less stressful for me too. Thank you!" - Jen L., Mom of 7 year old, Participant in Unpick Your Picky Eater Program

"We started with some small wins initially during our training and definitely having some bigger wins more recently after being consistent with the feeding method we learned in Unpick Your Picky Eater. She has been way more willing to try new foods. We have been able to have more variety for her that she truly enjoys. She even said she is bored of her old food!" - Marie-Eve, Mom of a picky eater, Participated in Unpick Your Picky Eater Program

“As a pediatric dietitian and now a mom of a 2-year-old who is a picky eater, I have struggled first hand as a concerned mom!  I took Katharine's Unpick Your Picky Eater's Training and felt it was very comprehensive. It validated that I was on the right track and provided additional tools to keep us moving forward. Feeding is about growing a strong foundation filled with lots of positive food exposures over time."  ~Marlene, Mom of 2 year old 

" I can't even believe how different our life is since we first met you and we are so so grateful to have had the chance to work with you on "A's" eating. I think about the future now and am truly not worried about how A will navigate his "picky eating" as he grows up. That used to be something that would keep me awake at night. You've made a huge difference for us. 

- Laura, Mom of 8 year old 

Path to Unpicky Your Picky Eater

I have worked with 1000's of families who struggle with picky eating, so I decided to put all the tools and strategies I use in one spot to make it easier for families to access. I know that turning picky eating around is a marathon and not a sprint, so in this group training, I help parents grow the strong foundation required that leads to the success of having their child eat and accept new foods.

Build a Strong Foundation

That foundation to success starts with family meals and parents deciding the what, when, and where of eating and allowing their children to decide how much, and if they will eat. This basically means, allowing them to be the intuitive eater they were born to be! Once parents stop forcing and bribing their children to eat food, the pressure at the table is gone and that is when the magic can begin. There are many layers in this process and the timeline can vary for all families I work with. But, if parents (all feeders) are consistent with their feeding relationship and continue to add the layers, having their child accept and eat new foods is possible!

Here Is What's Included In Your Training:

Video trainings: Each week you'll receive a new (10-20 minute) video trainings. These trainings will be uploaded to the membership site for you to view on your own time.  

PDF's and handouts to enhance the lesson: If you’re more visual, you’ll have all the handouts I use to support families in my private practice. These handouts will enhance the lessons and provide ideas for positive food exposures.

1:1 Support: You'll have opportunities to ask questions during your two 30-minute video consults with Katharine that can take place anytime after you have completed the first 4 lessons.  

What's Ahead For You....

Introducing the Division of Responsibility and Its Role in Helping Your Child.

All About Schedules, Sweets and Snacks

Food Chaining, Food Play and Ways to Increase Food Exposures.

Useful tools in order to provide positive food exposures to your child.

Family Meals, Applying Structure and Reducing Stress

Steps to Eating and Addressing Sensory Concerns

Key Nutrients For Your Growing Child; Putting It All Together

It's time to FINALLY enjoy family meals and improve your feeding relationship with your child.  

Are You Ready to Unpick Your Picky Eater?    

Jump in Now and Get Started!

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Unpick Your Picky Eater

Self Guided 6-WeekTraining


  • Access to Unpick Your Picky Eater Training. Receive six lessons released over six weeks to provide you the foundation to unpick your picky eater. ($330 Value)
  • Includes Little Food Scientist Activity (priceless)
  • Colorful Printable PDFs to Support Your Learning and to Provide Positive Food Exposure. ($50 Value).

I'm Ready to Unpick My Picky Eater!

Unpick Your Picky Eater

Work 1:1 with a Dietitian


  • Nutrition Counseling is 1:1 virtual or in the Portland office. Address your unique feeding challenges and have accountability.
  • Includes the initial consultation ($180) and two shorter follow-up visits ($75 each)
  • Includes Little Food Scientist Activity (priceless)
  • Sessions may be covered by insurance (Extra Priceless!)
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